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The Karpathian Progressive Association of Australia was established on the 20th September 1959.

In four decades the Association has evolved from a concept of a handful of local founders to a widely respected association in Canberra contributing financially and socially to the well being of all Greeks in the region.

The aim of the website is to inform all Karpathians and their friends of the Associations functions, bringing them together on social occassions.

Another objective of the website is to establish links with other brotherhoods worldwide, so please email us for further details on.




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The Karpathian Greeks Migrants from the island of Karpathos were the first Greek settlers to establish a parochial brotherhood in Canberra and the surrounding districts in 1959. The island of Karpathos was under Venetian, Turkish and German occupation for some 635 years, before being reunited with Greece (7 March 1948). As a result the island's overall progress was limited. The local population lived under serious financial and infrastructure constraints. But the rich Hellenic cultural tradition and the strong ethno-linguistic awareness of the Karpathians in the diaspora led them to strive for the reconstruction and development of their native island.

The Karpathians of Australia, most of whom lived in Canberra, were instrumental in the drive to revitalise the island of Karpathos economically and socially. The Karpathian migration and settlement in Australia took place in two stages: (a) The pre-WWII settlement (1935-1939) and (b) the post-WWII (1946- 1974) settlement. Ninety per cent of the Karpathians who settled in Australia originated from two Karpathian villages—Pyles and Othos—the rest came from the villages of Olympus, Volathas, Menetes, Mesohori and Aperi.

The Island

Images by Jimmy Gergatsoulis

History of the Association

50th Anniversary Booklet

An Illustrated history of Karpathians in Canberra Australia 1959-2009.

By Bill Haniotis & John Mantinaos

The History of Greeks in Canberra & Districts

By Prof Anastasios M Tamis & Demetrios Tsolakis - Chapter 4

Karpathian History Video presented at during elections

By John Con Mantinaos